Thomas Schürmann, 2019, Watercolor painting,
Schmincke Horadam, Rives Arches Grain Torchon,
Size: 105 cm x 47 cm


I am Thomas Schürmann — fine artist, researcher, dilettant, baroque and renaissance lover, rooted gardener and woodworker.

I love details and I love getting to the bottom of things.


Read: ~ 35 min Words: ~ 5000

Cristóbal Rio's bookshelf is dominated by male authors of existentialism: Albert Camus and Søren Kierkegaard and Miguel de Unamuno. What role do the philosophical views of these authors play in the series, and what is it about Death in the Afternoon by Hemingway?

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Read: ~ 12 min Words: ~ 1900

Down-to-earth singer with an incredible voice, benefactress, the first real celebrity in the middle of the 19th century to trigger a mania, the first person to travel in her own railway carriage: that was Jenny Lind.

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Read: ~ 11 min Words: ~ 1600

Spoiler! - In Star Trek: Picard we see in episode 3 on board the new spaceship that will take pilot Cristóbal Rios and his three travelers to their first destination, first the book The Tragic Sense of Life and then a quote from the book of the Spanish writer and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno.

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Read: ~ 2 min Words: ~ 400

With old tea strainers in jam jars, brushes with oil paint can be cleaned particularly effectively, thoroughly and gently.

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