Website-Statistics for the month of January 2022

A few insights into the call-up figures on this website

A small overview of what is read most here and of interest to visitors to the website. The monthly statistics for the month of January 2022.

What gives an author, a dilettante historian, philosopher, artist the confidence to write something of interest?

Most appreciated, of course, appreciative comments. They are welcomed here like incoming superstars. But they are rare. That's why I look at the popularity list at the end of the month.

Thank you very much for the time you took!

TOP topics were Jack London and Alfred Lord Tennyson, probably because the new BOND is now available for streaming. There is still a lot of interest in the two STAR TREK essays in the blog. 

And here are TOP 16 with the numbers/views and the link to the essay / blog post / artwork

I am extremely pleased that English-language articles/essays of mine are also being read. 

tl, dr;

In the future, I would like to publish the retrieval figures of the most important articles on this website on a regular basis.

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