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Thomas Wolfe - * 3 October 1900, † 15 September 1938 - was an American writer of the early 20th century. In seinen autobiographischen Romanen schrieb er seine Heimatstadt Asheville als Altamont literarisch unsterblich. Ich versuche die vielen literarischen Anspielungen in seinem Debütroman Schau heimwärts, Engel! von 1929 zu verstehen und zu erklären. Dies ist ein laufender Prozess.

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Jack Johnson founded the forerunner of the legendary Cotton Club, the Club Delux in New York and was the first black boxing world champion in heavyweight boxing history.

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There is a reason why the black hole in the film Interstellar is called Gargantua. And what is it about the Rabelaisian succulence that Thomas Wolfe uses as a metaphor? The French doctor, monk and Renaissance author is the answer.

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What does a beloved pre-Christmas German television routine about a little Lord, Star Trek and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences have in common?

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Vaudevilles were a theatre and song genre in France, in the eighties of the nineteenth century in the United States vaudevilles and show booths were so called. Numerous famous comedians emerged from them there.

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What do a small person, an oversized tomb, an impoverished old African-American woman from the southern states and the clinical psychologist Paul Everett Meehl have in common?

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Down-to-earth singer with an incredible voice, benefactress, the first real celebrity in the middle of the 19th century to trigger a mania, the first person to travel in her own railway carriage: that was Jenny Lind.

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This part of my small open series about the R programming language is about simple statistical functions and working with and creating tables.

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My first beginner steps with the programming language R are based on german translation of the novel "Look homeward, Angel!" written autobiographically by Thomas Wolfe in 1929.

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Inspired by my current research on the life story of Marcus Rothkowitz (later Mark Rothko), who emigrated from Latvia to Portland, Oregon in 1913, I have started to deal with American and Russian authors of this time.

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