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Not only because there is a lot to see in it, it is also a symbol for many things in our lives. Besides, I get a lot of pleasure from creating a garden. And gardening is also very healthy.

A gardener's job, for better or for worse | Strung all too easily in beads of verse. No strong no ruthless plough-share cutting clods, No harrow toothed as the saurian jaws, Shall tear or comb my sward of garden theme, But smaller spade and hoe and lowly trowel | And ungloved fingers with their certain touch.

Victoria Mary Sackville-West, (1892 - 1962) [1]

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After the first really autumnal weekend, a quick look at my two gardens. Into the physical autumn garden here in Wuppertal and a look into my box of notes, in which some things have also matured on the subject of autumn in summer.

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The decorative sage is a real, wonderfully blue flowering enrichment for the perennial garden, along with the true sage or spice sage Salvia officinalis.

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It should actually be called Mille Fleur, this rose. With a similar sound to the French word Mille-feuille for a cake made only of puff pastry.

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No 32 Reading Time : ~ 19 min words : ~ 2700

Summary of my research on the provenance of the Jenny Lind melon, named after the 19th century Swedish singer and soprano, Jenny Lind.

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In this last project in the garden, we finally closed the gap between the wall of the herb bed and the stairs.

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