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He who is indeed of the brotherhood does not voyage in quest of the picturesque, but of certain jolly humours--of the hope and spirit with which the march begins at morning, and the peace and spiritual repletion of the evening's rest.

Robert Louis Stevenson : Walking Tours; Cornhill Magazine, 1876
 / Along the Voie Bleue: From Koblenz to Dijon - From the Rhine to Mustard - Quiet Places on the Moselle and Saône

Along the Voie Bleue: From Koblenz to Dijon

Autumn 2022: From the Rhine to Mustard - Quiet Places on the Moselle and Saône

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On foot, by bike or train ....

Only by seeing the world for ourselves can we get an honest, direct and immediate picture of it. I am open-minded and curious and like to travel, alone and together with others. Following in the footsteps of British authors in France or on a one-day hike up one of the beautiful mountains in the Alps or the Lake District - the world is beautiful and there are (still) places where nature reveals its glory of silence and solitude. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his diary in April 1824 that it is only in the depths of the forest, where noon enters like a twilight; or where the mirth of man & the sorrow of man are never heard, where the squirrel dwells and the voice of the bird echoes, that one can leave behind the rigid parentheses and deafening tumult of the world and only here attain to a sweeter, more desirable creation.


Through Wallonia IV

The white fields - on the road in Champagne

Beneath the surface of the sea of vines, the stories float around like wrecks in the oceans, waiting to be discovered. They make Champagne more than a superficial sparkling wine landscape, an adventure to be discovered.

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View of the Montagne de Reims. In May, nature exudes an almost Rabelaisian succulence. / Through Wallonia IV
In the courtyard of Scourmont Abbey - to this day, according to the website, Chimay beer is brewed in the abbey / Through Wallonia III

Through Wallonia III

From the Sambre to the Vesle

Our trip went from the Abbaye d'Aulne on the Sambre across the northern Ardennes down to Reims in the French Champagne region.

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Through Wallonia II

Watch out, Spirou!

Wallonia is a varied place. A country where the fates of the miners meet directly at the local level with the biggest comic talent factory in Europe. From Brussels we went to the Abbaye d'Aulne on the Sambre.

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It was on these beautiful fields that the Battle of Waterloo took place, often referred to by the Germans as the Battle of Belle Alliance because of a restaurant. Numerous streets and squares in Germany bore this name. In Wuppertal, for example, a bus stop is still named after it. / Through Wallonia II
The Atomium, a 102 m high structure built for Expo 58, a mixture of architecture and sculpture / Through Wallonia I - Brussels

Through Wallonia I - Brussels

The undiscovered beautiful country

A journey from Brussels through Wallonia, across the northern foothills of the Ardennes to Reims. Our route took us via Waterloo to Charleroi, to Thuin and across the Ardennes to Reims in France, where our tour ended.

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Late summer delights by bike

A cycle tour from Paderborn along the Alme, Diemel, Weser, Werre to Detmold

In September 2021, my wife and I cycled along the Alme, Diemel, Weser and Werre rivers on a tour lasting several days. The goal was a leisurely, relaxed tour with few metres of altitude, but beautiful views and lots of water. That's exactly what this tour turned out to be. It was pure enjoyment.

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The cool morning mist tingles freshly on your face - it's a joy to ride here. / Late summer delights by bike
A Berceau is a grown pergola around a garden. / The castle garden of Arcen

The castle garden of Arcen

Modern gardens at historical place

The castle garden of Kastel Arcen is a destination worth seeing north of Venlo and is situated not far from the Meuse and the former fortified town of Arcen itself.

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FP 3017

Trawler fallen dry

Is a boat still a boat when it has fallen dry? Is a fisherman a fisherman when he is not fishing? What sense do objects make when they are no longer what they are supposed to be? The 6 x 12 cm analogue black and white picture shows a dry fishing cutter in the harbour of the French coastal town of Port Blanc in Brittany.

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Crab or lobster baskets, ropes, net swimmers, boat planks / FP 3017
If it were not for the small group of people in the foreground, <br> it would be like a still from a film of the 30s. / The Abbey of Beauport

The Abbey of Beauport

On the goose meadow at the Correc river

The extraordinary black-and-white photographs in 6 x 12 cm and 6 x 9 cm format show the Breton abbey of Beauport near the town of Paimpol in the department of Côtes-d'Armor. The atmospheric pictures were created with the then new Lomo Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter and were developed on site with a Caffenol film developer who mixed them himself.

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The perfect summer picture; the light is reminiscent of films by Éric Rohmer. / The perfect analog summer

The perfect analog summer

Lomo Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter

An analogue summer in French Brittany - on the way on the Île Grande with the Lomo Belair and various colour films. The Lomo Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter was on offer and I couldn't say no in the Lomo Shop. So all electrical equipment stayed at home.

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The Old Man of Coniston

Always hidden in the fog

The Old Man of Coniston is an 803 m high mountain west of the town of Coniston and Lake Coniston Water in the English National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Lake District.

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On the flank of the fell there are numerous abandoned slate quarries. / The Old Man of Coniston