Large Watercolor painting of house no 20 in Langogne - Langogne

Boulevard No 20

Thomas Schürmann, 2016, Aquarell,
Schmincke Horadam, Rives Arches Grain Torchon,
Size: 100 cm x 46 cm

The picture is exactly one metre wide and shows a dilapidated house façade on Boulevard Notre Dame in the small southern French town of Langogne on Stephenson-Weg in the Cevennes. The asymmetrical picture shows a house entrance on the right next to a garage door.

Boulevard No 20


From Pradelles, a beautiful and wide footpath leads the hiker down to Langogne on the Stephenson Trail, running from north to south on the Stephenson Trail. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the artificial lake Lac de Naussac and the distant view of the higher Cevennes ridges.

Langogne is a small town at the confluence of the Allier and Langouyrou rivers in the Cevennes in the south of France. The Boulevard de Notre Dame leads from the town hall to the Place des Halles, where there is a small market hall. Along the boulevard and some other streets houses are arranged in a closed circle around the church Notre Dame. Langogne shares with Pradelles the monastic past and the damage caused by the Huguenots.