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In a very loose sequence, I would like to present illustrations and illustrators from all eras. I will also include my own illustrations. — This category is influenced by a lecturer who once told me that I could have studied illustration very well.

This beautiful book will be your rest after the reading lesson. You will enjoy finding here the letters of the alphabet that you learned in class, but this time they will have a more cheerful physiognomy for you because they are grouped to form funny sentences and because they accompany beautiful pictures to delight your eyes.

Madeleine-Amélie Franc-Nohain (1878 - 1942) [1]

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No 62 Reading Time : ~ 10 min words : ~ 1200

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine was a 19th-century literary magazine that cleverly managed to attract well-known authors as well.

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No 54 Reading Time : ~ 22 min words : ~ 3300

In 1925, the new illustrated volume Alphabet en Images by the French illustrator Madeleine-Amélie Franc-Nohain or, as she is called here in the book, Marie-Madeleine Franc-Nohain was published in Paris. I would like to introduce the book to you.

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No 53 Reading Time : ~ 14 min words : ~ 2100

Today I would like to introduce you to a French illustrator who is probably still known to many in France, but whose work is probably no longer seen in Germany.

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No 3 Reading Time : ~ 7 min words : ~ 1052

The World of Ornaments is a trilingual (English, German, French) reprint of two nineteenth-century ornamental anthologies and is available in various formats and sizes.

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