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How a calendar in my notebook - sometimes - helps me avoid procastration and makes me more aware of my season and lifetime.

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There is a reason why the black hole in the film Interstellar is called Gargantua. And what is it about the Rabelaisian succulence that Thomas Wolfe uses as a metaphor? The French doctor, monk and Renaissance author is the answer.

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There are quotations that one never forgets, and this, the following quotation from the English Lord Chancellor Francis Bacon, came to my mind very well when reading the novel Wedding before the Fall, written by Dorothy L. Sayers in 1937. And then comes the moment when one is reminded of this quotation anew in an up-to-date way. We'll get to that later.

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What do a small person, an oversized tomb, an impoverished old African-American woman from the southern states and the clinical psychologist Paul Everett Meehl have in common?

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The world meanders past us like the flat land in Niedersachsen, Deutschland, while looking backwards out the train window.

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My review of 2019: the first own watercolour exhibition, building a desk, tying brooms and clearing the ancestral home of the family.

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