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Everything about writing and my own texts - which do not count as blog posts in the classical sense. - I have a strong need to write that has existed since my youth.

It all boils down to the fact that we have to come back from the senses to reflection and from reflection to the senses. To go in and out of oneself ceaselessly; that is, in a sense, the work of the bee. One has made many journeys in vain if one does not return to the hive filled with wax. A great quantity of wax has been stored up uselessly if one is not able to form combs from it.

Denis Diderot (1713 - 1784) [1]

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No 79 Reading Time : ~ 5 min words : ~

How I found a reference to an article about Sarah Orne Jewett in the letters of Edward Garnett and John Galsworthy.

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No 76 Reading Time : ~ 20 min words : ~ 3000

After the first really autumnal weekend, a quick look at my two gardens. Into the physical autumn garden here in Wuppertal and a look into my box of notes, in which some things have also matured on the subject of autumn in summer.

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No 74 Reading Time : ~ 7 min words : ~ 1030

Today I wrote the thousandth entry in my note box. And I am very happy about this entry, which is about the contents of John Muir's backpack.

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No 73 Reading Time : ~ 20 min words : ~ 3100

Once again I ride the train and let my thoughts run free. I look at the land that spreads out before me and disappears again in the next moment.

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No 63 Reading Time : ~ 20 min words : ~ 2600

How can we overcome writer's block and turn what we see into an interesting story? How does it help us if we narrow our view further and further to a detail? And why does it help us to show the big picture again?

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No 60 Reading Time : ~ 10 min words : ~ 1280

In diesem Beitrag geht es um die This post is about the overview of the available state of affairs reports. The design should clearly differ from the previous category pages.Übersicht über die verfügbaren Sachstandsberichte. Das Design sollte deutlich von den bisherigen Kategorienseiten abweichen.

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No 59 Reading Time : ~ 13 min words : ~ 2016

There is a new content format on my website, this is the state of affairs report. I'll explain what I was thinking, how it all came about and what I want to do with it.

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No 56 Reading Time : ~ 8 min words : ~ 1200

I am currently working on a new content format for the website. I want to work further away from the ephemeral format of the blog post.

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No 49 Reading Time : ~ 35 min words : ~ 5100

Christo and Jeanne Claude wrap the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The symbol of nationalism and militarism disappears behind a silvery blue, shiny and reflective shell - and the values of liberty, equality and fraternity stand out more.

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