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My place for all projects and ideas, private and professional, my think tank to relieve myself mentally as much as possible, this is the task and idea book.

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How I archive my photos, what I want to do in the future and why photo archiving is not just a time-consuming affair.

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This part of my small open series about the R programming language is about simple statistical functions and working with and creating tables.

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My first beginner steps with the programming language R are based on german translation of the novel "Look homeward, Angel!" written autobiographically by Thomas Wolfe in 1929.

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Only on a well prestressed sheet of watercolour paper can you work well and without puddles. Handling wet glue paper when mounting watercolour sheets is not easy - but I personally find such preparatory work very relaxing. Since I usually work on my paintings over a period of 1-3 months, it is very important that they always remain flat on the painting board over the entire period of working.

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